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Our services

We're committed to providing all Salon One clients with a comprehensive range of professional hairdressing services supported by unrivalled customer care.

We don't restrict clients to coming on specific days - over 60's are welcome any day of the week - or confuse them by applying different rates to the same service. From simple trims to complex colours, and from toddlers to over-60's, our prices are easy-to-understand, and there are no hidden extras.

Call in or phone 01788 819990 for a specific quote, but meanwhile here's just a sample from our current price list:

Styling: Perms:
Ladies cut from 17.95 Natural styling perm 42.95
Cut & Blowdry 28.95 Herbal perm 42.95
Gents cut 10.95 Acid perm 52.95
Over 60's cut 10.15 Over 60's perm 35.00
Over 60's cut & blowdry 18.95 (All perms inclusive of c&bd or set)
Child's cuts from 6.95
Hair-ups from 24.50
Cap highlights from 34.95
T-section 34.50
Half-head foils 42.50
Full-head colour 41.95

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